Bounded by Brooklyn’s most prominent neighborhoods.

A home to historic brownstones, celebrated restaurants, and world-class arts and culture.

A foot in the old
and the new.

A collection of travertine marble, high-grade onyx and bronze finishes.
Fine materials handsomely brought together in one stately residence.

SINCE 1815

A local newspaper urged that Brooklyn “must necessarily become a favorite residence for gentlemen of taste and fortune, for merchants and shopkeepers of every description, for artists, artisans, mechanics, laborers and persons of every trade in society.”

Boerum was named by a family of early Dutch settlers who developed and defended the area during the American Revolution. It became home to the many commuting ironworkers who built the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as many of New York’s landmark skyscrapers. As a satellite community to the city across the river, it has always benefited from five-star influences and tastes.

Its name notwithstanding, the neighborhood of Boerum Hill is flat, but the area has never been dull. Centuries of development brought the arrival of French and Italian communities who opened family-run shops and cafés, shaping the spirited neighborhood that continues to thrive today. True to the early newspaper decree, Boerum Hill has become an animated locale for every taste and trade.